Graduate School Decision!

If you ask anyone, Shaun and I have been talking about grad school nonstop for the last few weeks.  After finishing our applications in October (we had lots of free time!) we were quite anxious to hear where we received acceptance offers.  At the end of the day, we did quite well – thank you, Peace Corps!  We had lots of offers on the table, became quite terrified after looking at graduate school loans and their interest rates, and have finally made a decision.

(Drum roll, please!)


Shaun received a full tuition scholarship to study International Health Policy and Management at Brandeis University!  The one year program boasts great faculty and high job placement rates.  With the majority of students being international students, it will be a great experience living and building a network in Boston.  I, Mollie, received an offer to become a Shriver Peaceworker Fellow through the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  The fellowship covers all tuition expenses and an internship.  I’ll be earning my Masters in Public Policy from UMBC and interning with the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

We are so excited to both be attending graduate school without having to make a tuition payment!  While we understand it is somewhat unconventional of a choice to split up for 9 months, we couldn’t justify turning down the offers.  If you know us, you know our savings account is always on the smaller side, so having someone offer to pay for our graduate degree was an amazing thing.  And, not only will we save money on the tuition, but also the interest that we would have had to pay back if we had needed loans to pay for tuition!  We are feeling quite grateful.

We’re looking forward to exploring the east coast, watching the Boston marathon, hosting visitors now that the east coast is far more accessible than Cameroon, and studying in a program that we are passionate about.  In the meantime, we’ll be making lots of to-do lists of what we need to get done to adjust back into ‘real’ life again!

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  1. Linda Eden said:

    congratulations to both of you. So happy that your plans and goals are once again falling into place for you. Love you both.

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