Officially Seniors!

There are many comparisons that can be made between high school and Peace Corps Cameroon.  There are lots of us, we learn a lot, there are big parties, there’s dating between us (if you are of the vast majority that isn’t serving with your spouse), drama, trainings, sometimes ‘homework’ or reports, a few more parties.

The biggest talked about similarity, though, are the various stages.  At any given point in Peace Corps Cameroon there are four stages, or training groups.  Cameroon receives two groups a year, and since each volunteer serves for two years, that equals four groups in any one individual’s service.  You wouldn’t be hard pressed to hear the newest group talked about as freshmen or the oldest group as seniors; while the association with a high school year has no intention of reflecting on any given person in the group, it is used to easily explain which stage you came in with.  Today, the newest group of trainees swear in as volunteers, which makes us the oldest volunteers in Cameroon!  We are officially seniors, the next group to graduate.

In this given moment, it is an exciting acknowledgment to know that we are the next to attend our close of service conference, the next to actually make future plans, and the next to wrap up our service and return home to our friends and families.

So, here’s to a great senior year!

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  1. woo-hoo here’s to an exciting senior year for you. love you guys and miss you lots.

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