A Limbe Getaway

One perk about being a Peace Corps Volunteer is that you can decide last minute that you want to head to the beach for the next few days, and, well, that is what we did earlier this week…I am not so sure we will get that same perk once we have a ‘real’ job again back in the US, so we better enjoy it while we can!

To see off some friends/fellow PCVs before they finish their 27-month service next week, we all headed to Limbe.  Limbe is a beach town located in the Anglophone South West Region of Cameroon; it offers black volcanic beaches, tap beer, views of Mount Cameroon, and fish markets.  Among PCVs in the country, the beach is known to have a ‘Jurassic Park’ feel to it.  Down Beach, or the area in the center of Limbe’s town, is a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy a meal, while the beaches for swimming are located a little outside of town.

As always, a picture is worth a thousand words…so here are some snaps from our trip.

Above and Below: One of the main beaches for swimming.

The crew.

Above and Below: Enjoying beers and the sunset at Down Beach.

1 comment
  1. Grandma B and Jack said:

    Mollie. the pictures are beautiful and your friends look like fun people. The ocean must be
    great. Enjoy hearing from you. We just celebrated Halloween. Some people in the block
    gave out l600 treats to trick or treaters. My love, Grandma

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