4th of July Meets Cameroon

James and I making tofu curry on our first night back in Nkongsamba.

After spending ten too many days in Yaoundé, we were finally free to head back to Nkongsamba.  We spent the 4th of July at our house with 5 of our friends, and fellow volunteers, who arrived in Cameroon the same day we did.  One of the perks of being in Yaoundé is the grocery options; we stocked up on cheese, good wine, and other necessities and headed to Nkongsamba.

Bloody Mary’s and spaghetti omelets to start off the 4th!


Nkongsamba is a great town for hosting visitors as it quite pretty with our mountain backdrop and offers a range of stores and shops in town.  Collectively, everyone spent a bit of money at our pagne store, loading up on different designs and fabrics to take back to their trusted tailor.  Parthenon, our white-man store, is always a hit among visitors, and, the cheapness of our produce did not let anyone down.

The corn-hole boards.

We started out the 4th with bloody Mary’s and spaghetti omelets, reminiscent of the morning we all swore in as official Peace Corps volunteers.  While there is no bloody Mary mix readily available in Cameroon, Shaun and I have earned the reputation of being able to create a good one from scratch.  The day was spent eating, drinking, and playing games.  We had made corn-hole boards for the occasion, one painted as the American flag and the other as the Cameroonian flag.  With cheese options being limited outside of the capital, we indulged on a cheese platter with some cold white wine, and then began making our Mexican feast for dinner.  Shaun built a fire in our small BBQ and, thanks to care package treats, we roasted s’mores and glow bracelets substituted for fireworks.

Shaun playing corn-hole with the neighborhood kids.

(As I sit here typing this, a mouse just sprinted across our living room – time to put out more bread and raticide, aka, poison.  I swear, my kids will never be allowed to play that mouse hunt game!)

Glowsticks instead of fireworks.




We had a great time laughing, cooking, eating too much, drinking too much, and hanging out with our friends.  It was incredibly refreshing to spend a few days relaxing with great company.  Shaun and I are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be celebrating the next 4th of July back home with friends and family, but only time will tell. 


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