Quick Update

Now that we have been in country for a year, it is time for our mid-service week. Our mid-service week is a week of medical visits and tests to make sure we don’t have worms, cavities, or anything else in between. We spend the week in Yaounde at Peace Corps HQ, hanging out with our fellow volunteers who arrived with us and enjoying the luxuries of being in the capital. Shaun is in Yaounde for his mid-service week now with the other education volunteers and I will go next week with my sector.

This week, too, we have been asked a few times what we need/want in packages. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to think about what we would enjoy. In addition to our list on the mail page here, the following are some items we would especially love to have:
– Peanut butter
– Meat (tuna, canned chicken, shelf-stable bacon…we will love it all!)
– Salty snacks (like wheat thins, chips, crackers or nuts)
– A pound of bold coffee (and while Shaun hates it, I would love some flavored creamer!)
– Cheese of any kind (Kraft parmesan or mac and cheese powder or any others)
– Any spice/sauce packets for Asian or Mexican food
– a 6 pack of Portland beer (we wish!).

Here’s to a good week in Yaounde, and I am sure we will write more when we are back.


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