End of School Year Party

Yesterday, we organized an End of School Year party for our neighborhood kiddos as their school year finished on Friday.  We had been talking to the kids about it for the week or so before hand, and as you can imagine, they were quite excited.

During the week leading up to the party, the kids were constantly asking what the party entailed – would there be cake? Games? Prizes?  They were constantly asking questions and talking about it.  Minou, our upstairs neighbor (who ended up finishing the school year second in her class!!) came over earlier in the week asking to borrow crayons so they could all color decorations for the fête.

Saturday rolled around and we put up the balloons, the decorations, made the cakes and set up the games.  Most of the kids showed up late – turns out because their parents made them shower and dress nicely for the party!

We played four games, and each winner got a prize.  A big thanks to my parents for all of the party toys from Target that came when they visited.  We started by seeing who could throw the American football the farthest – they don’t really understand what they are supposed to do with the brown ball with laces.  We then had an egg race, with hardboiled eggs as I didn’t want to deal with rotten broken eggs in the yard today.  The three-legged-race triggered the most laughter and grass stains, and the competitions ended with a classic pin the tail on the donkey.

After all the games, we ate cake, drank soda, and gave the kids some little gifts we had for them.  We were glad to send them back to their house dirty, full of sugar, and with lots of party energy.  Here are some pictures from the day…

The kids hung their decorations around the patio.

1 comment
  1. Helen Garland said:

    What you do for the children is probably much more significant than you realize. They will never forget you.

    So proud of you!


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