Friday Night Lights

Has your Friday night football game ever ended because someone peed on the field?  Probably not, but then again, you probably don’t live in Cameroon!  Last night was one of the best Friday nights we have had in a long time.  It is random and unpredictable how some of the best memories unfold.

For the kids here, school is almost finished.  They have about 2 more weeks, and for the younger aged school kids, they have already sat their final exams; they are essentially finished with their school year.  Yesterday afternoon, our two twin girls who live behind us came over to tell us they passed their exams and would successfully be moving up a grade.  This is a big deal, in Cameroon, if you don’t pass a national exam, you don’t move up!  Earlier, we promised them a small gift if they passed their exams; with this promise, they asked for stickers.  (Thanks, Mom, for the stickers!).  So, Shaun and I got out stickers and Lifesavers, care-package wonders that served as great rewards for the success of our flock of neighborhood kids.  We got out the camera to take their pictures, as the stickers immediately went on their foreheads.  Well, between the camera, the high fructose corn syrup, the stickers, the school year almost being finished, and a sunny Friday afternoon, they were out of control!  So hyper… so much energy.

Before we really knew what was going on, a Fanta bottle turned into a ball and the kids were in the middle of some random game in the yard.  Thanks to our new postmate, we have an American football hanging out at our house, and we figured this would be a great opportunity to play.  A (sweaty) hour and a half later, we somewhat successfully taught Jackpot, how to throw an American football, how to hike the ball, and, really, just laughed for a long time.  Hand-eye-coordination is not the strong suit of our neighborhood gang!

Unfortunately, the game was cut short after one of our littlest (just turned 2 years old) peed in the field.  While the kids didn’t understand why it would be a bad decision to keep playing, Auntie Mollie and Uncle Shaun thought that was a good place to end the game!  We promised to start “Friday Night Lights” with them, granted none of the kids understood the name we came up with for our new Friday night festivities, but they already reminded us today that we had to play football again next Friday.

To be honest, some days can be incredibly frustrating/boring/long here.  But, it is the moments like last night, hanging out on the porch, playing with the kids, and having a good laugh between ourselves (sometimes at their expense!) that make it.  I am thankful, very thankful, for the highlights like last night.  I’ll let the pictures do a better job explaining the fun we had hanging out at home last night…

Happy Weekend!

  1. David Bates said:

    you guys all look fantastic! love you,

  2. looks like everyone had a great time. love you guys.

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