Happy Birthday, Emily!

I/We so wish that we could be toasting a cosmo together to celebrate Emily’s 30th (!!) birthday, but unfortunately, that isn’t a reality. Instead, Shaun and I will be cheers-ing a Cameroonian beer in her honor (trust me, it doesn’t even come close to comparing to a cocktail!).  I am trusting that the day will be filled with celebration, excitement, and being spoiled by all of those around her.

If you don’t know my sister, you’re missing out.  She is one of the most generous people I know.  Not only is she generous in sharing experiences with Shaun and I, she is constantly showering us with gifts and things we could have never enjoyed on our own.  I am definitely the spoiled little sister!  And not only in things or wealth, but she always has and makes time when I need to vent, talk through something or just chat.

We’ve been through a lot together.  We have thankfully moved on from pinching each other and pulling hair as kids, to exploring the world together as young adults, to taking adventures and vacations together with Shaun and Giles, and fortunately, with our parents too.  There are many memories of weekend trips to Seattle, visiting her at Penn State when we both actually lived on the same continent, trips to Australia, African animal spotting in Cameroon, bundling up in the freezing cold at the Grand Canyon, wine tasting, and riding bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Each experience ends with stomach aches from laughter, and the experiences and adventures together are endless.

So here’s to you, Em.  Thanks for all the memories, for keeping all my secrets from Mom and Dad, for being one of Shaun and I’s biggest fan and cheerleader.  We are excited for when we are all together again (Hawaii 2014?) and wish we could be there today to celebrate with you.  If Cameroon post actually does their job, your package is on its way!  Miss you, love you, happy birthday!

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  1. Izzy said:

    WHY did I read this at the hairdresser? They aren’t really going to buy the ‘I have something in my eye’ excuse.. Such a lovely post, Mollie! Your sister is one of the best people I know xxx

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