Where in Cameroon are we?

As I sit here savoring a cup of Starbucks VIA on our one and only day at home this week, I thought I would write a quick update.  We have been gone for the last 11 days, a record for us for how long we have been away from Nkongsamba at one time, and man, it was nice to come home last night.

Almost 2 weeks ago now Shaun went with me to Yaounde, the capital where all Peace Corps offices are, for medical reasons.  There is no reason to worry, I am fine, and every volunteer experiences hanging out in Yaounde for medical reasons at least a few times during their service.  In Yaounde we have a case (said cause) that is a Peace Corps house for volunteers to stay at when traveling through Yaounde, it is a blessing and a curse all at once.  Think of a frat house, lots of bunk beds, a few bathrooms, a kitchen, tv room and back patio.  The cons are that it is usually dirty, can be really crowded, expensive to eat/drink since it’s in the capital, and there are infinite mosquitoes   The pros are that there are real mattresses  a washer and dryer, hot showers, constant wifi, and food options that none of us can get at post.  All that to be said, it’s fun to be in Yaounde for 2-3 days to catch up with friends, use fast internet, eat, and do laundry.  It gets old and draining for 11 days!

While we were there we did have some fun with friends we don’t see all too often, we ate great Chinese that is as good as what we had when we lived in Shenyang, got medical issues cleared, and participated in a few meetings with staff.

Now, we are home.  We got home last night and leave again tomorrow morning.  When we returned last night, our landlord told us that we don’t have any water in our house because our neighbor boy was jumping on our water pipe (why they aren’t buried, who knows) and broke it.  I know I am not the only volunteer complaining about the commotion caused by neighbor kids being on spring break!

Tomorrow we are headed to a regional conference for Peace Corps.  Like all conferences that we attend with Peace Corps, we will be at a nicer hotel with hot running water, with fellow volunteers and friends, we’ll eat well, and hopefully learn some new tips and tricks to use in our work in Nkongsamba.  The conference will be about a week, and afterwards we will be in Nkongsamba for about another week before we head off again.

Until we’re back home and have time and internet to write a longer work update, thanks for following our travels around Cameroon!

  1. Lesa said:

    Wow!! You guys are so busy!! I miss you:)

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