Nkongsamba’s Shamrock Run

This morning Shaun and I participated, in spirit, in one of our favorite Portland road races: the Shamrock Run. While we missed running it with our running family, there were a few notable similarities and differences.
– There were MANY hills, actually, there were almost no flats. I pretended that the hills were the climb up Terwilliger.
– Many people cheered us on; while in Portland you may hear “good job!” or “keep it up!”, we heard a lot of “with courage!”.
– Nkongsamba had record temperatures, compared to Portland, of 75 degrees at the start!
– The greenery of Portland’s pine trees was matched with the greenery of palm trees.

We would love to have a pint or two of Widmer and a cup of salmon chowder followed by brunch with friends, but instead, for our finish line rewards we are treating ourselves to breakfast burritos with real cheese.

While creating our own Shamrock Run made us miss being at home in Portland, it also helped make us feel like home is not that far away. We hope everyone had a good race-day and we will be so excited to run again in PDX.

Congratulations Portlanders, your running season has officially begun!


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