Make Your Own Peace

You can say anything you want about the world.  You can say it’s beyond help.  That man is more evil than good.  That you never asked for the world you got.  And you could be right.  You can say anything you want about the Peace Corps.  That it’s just do-gooders.  That it doesn’t help peace.  That it hasn’t made any difference.  The Peace Corps isn’t disagreeing.  That’s not what it is about.  The Peace Corps doesn’t shout “Come make peace”.  Peace doesn’t come that easily.  It’s more of a separate peace.  Maybe yours.  No banners.  No bands.  No medals.  The Peace Corps might be for you if you could enjoy feeding children.  Or repairing a tractor.  Or teaching birth control.  Or building a schoolhouse.  Even if no one ends up using it.  (Don’t think that hasn’t happened.)  The Peace Corps has no delusions of grandeur.  Ask anyone who’s been in it.  But there are enough people who come out of the Peace Corps with things they’ve learned they can’t forget.  Good things.  There are more ways than you can find to help the world.  The Peace Corps is just one way.  It is for someone who would rather do something.  Anything.  Instead of nothing.  It could be your way.

* Taken from a Peace Corps recruitment poster from the 60’s.


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