Christmas Card(s)

As our clothes are hanging to dry in the sun, it seems hard to believe Christmas is just a few short weeks away.

Many people have been asking us what we want for Christmas. Since my parents are coming in January, we are loading up an extra suitcase full of stuff from Target, new running shoes, clothes, peanut butter, etc, etc. They, essentially, are acting as the post office for everything we need and want. Since we already sent off shopping lists to them, if you want to send something for Christmas, we don’t really need any “things” as we wait for that extra suitcase of goodies. If you really want to send something, we’d just love to be added to your Christmas card mailing list, see our ‘Mail’ tab for our address, and 3 regular stamps or 1 international stamp will get the letter to us here.

Thanks for all the generosity and continued support. While they may only seem like small gestures, we absolutely love the emails, cards, comments on our blogs and notes on Skype. It really are the little hellos that remind us we have a great circle of friends and family cheering us on.

I have also attached our digital Christmas card to this blog post.
Christmas Card

Here’s to a memorable, warm, and sunny first Christmas in Cameroon!


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