4 vs. 30

Today, November 6, is the same day in Cameroon as it is in America, but the implications of the day are drastically different.

Today in the US, thousands of voters will go to the polls to pick who they want to run their nation for the next four years. We, as Americans, get a say in our government, and for better or for worse, the president can only be in office for 8 years.

Today in Cameroon, President Biya marks his 30th anniversary of being the president of Cameroon. Voting is questionable, and participation is remarkably lower than in the US.

It is quite the contrast between the democracy of America and the ‘democracy’ of Cameroon. None of this is said to paint a negative image of the country we are currently living in, but rather, so that today we can step back and remember to be thankful that we get to experience democracy, we are protected from 30 year terms, and that we have free and safe elections on a regular basis.

Hopefully, one day, Cameroonians will get to say the same.


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