Foreign Gardening

I found a snake while working in the garden today. I wasn’t sure what kind it was at first, so I placed it in a bucket to keep until our landlord arrived home later to help me identify it. I was certain that it was some type of garden snake as it was quite small and did not seem to be very aggressive. Boy, was I wrong.

It turned out to be a baby Gaboon viper, one of the more venomous snakes you can come across in this part of the world.  Being unsure of what to do with it and not wanting to leave it in our garden, we decided to donate it to the homolauge of a nearby agro volunteer.

We are not certain what he will decide to do with it, but if he does end up keeping it perhaps he can give us more updates on it, and maybe we can post some pictures too.

If you are interested in knowing more about this type of snake here is a link.


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