Flowers (for our anniversary?)

Today is our second wedding anniversary! Two years ago today, we promised one another to love each other and travel the world together in front of our family. And, well, those are both more true today than ever before.

We spent the morning going for runs and indulging on a brunch of waffles and eggs, we still haven’t found any bacon! The sun was bright, and the clear blue skies made us head out into the garden for the rest of the day.

While we were out there working, the old man that helps our landlord keep up the grass, plantain trees and bushes around our apartment came by. He brought us a bouquet of flowers, unknowingly giving us a perfect anniversary gift. He said he was working in his garden this morning and thought of us, and brought them to us. When I told him it was our wedding anniversary, he was so excited and said he thought of us well, yes indeed he did!

Our story together takes us all over the world, through our time dating in China, getting engaged in Cambodia, spending 2 years with family and friends in Portland, having an amazing wedding day with those we love, diving in Australia for our honeymoon, a few month stint in South Korea, and now, serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Cameroon. We are spoiled with love and support for all of our adventures from our family and friends, and we are have each other to keep us going on the days that are more difficult than others. I am thankful beyond explanation for all the love I have in my life.

Home is where I am when I am with you…


  1. Happy Anniversary! Been thinking a lot about you two. Thanks so much for keeping us updated on your life in Cameroon.

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