Gardening, au Cameroun

We were very excited when we first saw our house at how much outdoor space we have.  Not only do we have a large patio that wraps around our place, we have a big yard and extra space that was covered in weeds.  After chatting a bit with our landlord, he cleared out the weeds so that we could start our garden.  (In another blog post, we can tell you all about how we really lucked out with getting a very nice, generous, and open-minded landlord for the next two years).  All that to be said, we are excited to plant the seeds we brought with us in our garden.

We spent the good part of Saturday afternoon soaking up some rays and getting the garden space ready for planting.  We have a bit of work ahead of us still, lots of digging, weeding, and planting.  But, Nkongsamba is known for being a great growing climate, so we are hopeful that our tomatoes, eggplants, melons, and flowers will do well here.  About an hour into our gardening, all of our neighborhood kids came out to watch us and see what tata Mollie (auntie) and tonton Shaun (uncle) were up to; they are loud and somewhat obnoxious, but are far too cute and can get away with it all!  The little ones showed up on old sheets wrapped around their necks as capes, all of the kids greeted us, and played in our yard for the next few hours.  Weeding usually isn’t the most fun task, but this last weekend, it was far more fun than it normally is!

Here are a few pictures, of our adorable neighborhood kids, and a small picture of what gardening is like, au Cameroun.

Shaun preparing the garden space, will all of the kiddos.

The rule is that they can’t run in the garden, they follow this rule with reward of bonbons (thanks for the children’s vitamins, they think they are getting candy!), so they all stood at the edge of the garden space, inching as close as possible without risking their bonbon!

Smiles, all around.

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  1. Hello! I’m so lucky I stumbled upon your blog! My name is Karen and I just accepted my placement to Cameroon with the Peace Corps to serve as a health educator! I arrive in September and needless to say I’m anxiously awaiting to board that plane (yet in the meantime I have all this paper work and whatnot to do, sheesh!).

    Anyways, I’m a huge lover of eating healthy vegetarian food and I’ve been wondering the past week ‘what will I do in Cameroon? I wonder if they have a good gardening climate?’ and so a quick google search brought me here!

    I’ve lived in Sierra Leone before but people never gardened there and their availability of fresh produced besides plantains, pineapples and cassava was next to nothing! So this post gave me some hope that I might be able to figure out how to manage a garden during my 27 months! Although you might hear back from me come November should I find myself completely clueless 🙂 Best of luck!

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