Where There is No Restaurant

If there is one thing we have learned from traveling, it is that we enjoy trying new and exotic foods where ever we go. I personally will try almost anything once, whether it is slow roasted silk worms in Seoul, or fried scorpion skewers in Beijing; . That is why it should come as no surprise to hear that we have been exploring the complexities of Cameroonian cuisine since our arrival here. While we may not have always liked the foods we came across on the streets we traveled while abroad, we have always enjoyed the greater since of culture it exposes us to.

Another great advantage to living and eating overseas for so long now is that it has taught us to be at least very creative if not always great cooks in foreign kitchens. While we may not always have the correct ingredients to draw from for all the recipes we want to make here, we call upon what we learned while living overseas before, and get creative with recipe substitutions and cooking techniques. So, whether it is baking a pizza on the upside down lid of pot stuck inside another pot, or creating homemade croutons for our Cesar salad tonight, we are having fun cooking together and enjoying the foods we love.  And, if the truth be told, we have pulled off some pretty delicious meals already with nothing more than a camp stove and some used kitchenware. Something tells me we are only going to continue to get better as we branch out to ever more daring recipes and improved cooking techniques.

We have also been thankful to find that while not all volunteers here share that same love we have for cooking, at least a handful also share this passion for wanting to explore the intriguing culinary options and try to eat well while here in Cameroon. It was in fact while originally here in Nkongsamba on our site visits that we realized the potential we would have to cook and eat well at post.  Thank Goodness! It also became apparent that there are many other volunteers who, like us, are keen to try out recipes with the new and interesting ingredients we have around us. We have since come across an entire collection of Peace Corps recipes that were created by current and former volunteers both here in Cameroon, as well as volunteers from other West African nations.

This has inspired us to also start keeping a record of the odd and rousing new dishes we create while in service. That said; watch out for the possibility of a new page to pop up on our blog that is solely dedicated to the interesting meals, and sometimes bizarre, cooking methods used here in Cameroon, all for the enjoyment of sharing a meal with someone you love.


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