Chez Taileur.

Last night, Shaun and I were invited to dinner at our tailor’s house.  Our tailors, happen to be the mom and sister of the other married couple in our training group.  They invited us over for dinner because they know that our house has been relatively stressful lately, and to say ‘thank you’ for all of the business we ourselves have given them and have given them by bringing other trainees to get clothes made. 

Normally, we have curfew at 7pm each night, but, since we were going to another Peace Corps sponsored homestay, we were allowed to make an exception to this rule.  We (maybe just me) felt like a real adult again — going to a friends’ house for dinner after 7pm!  It was great to hang out with Eric and Cynthia and their host family, who are very laid back and easy to talk to.

And, they didn’t dissapoint on the food!  Their sister, Grace, the one who just passed her national exam, has also attended cooking school here in Cameroon.  She must have spent most of the day working on making all of the food, as there was so much of it.  She made rice with vegetables mixed in, legumes, which is cooked green leaf type veggies, fried plantains, beef with carrots and green beans, chicken in tomato sauce, watermelon, and a huge cake for dessert, and sent us home with the rest of the cake.  They also had wine (from a box, like all wine in Cameroon) and we brought beer.  It was quite the feast for a Monday night!

  1. David Bates said:

    Sounds wonderful! Did you guys speak in English or French?

    • mediafreakgodicon said:

      Both – we are really quite bilingual now! 🙂

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