We just updated our contact information page. If you click on the mail link above, here is what you will find.

We would love to receive letters and packages while we are serving in Cameroon – there is nothing quite like getting mail! Here is our address:

Mollie & Shaun Willis

Corps de la Paix
BP 15
Nkongsamba, Cameroon
C/O US Embassy

While we’d be so happy to get a card, if you want to send a package, here is a list to choose from of some items we would love to have:
– Sweet treats or salty snacks
– Trail mixes/almonds
– Cereal
– Beef jerky
– Gatorade powder or Crystal Light, the single serve kind for water bottles
– Magazines, any and all!
– Hand sanitizer
– Flavorful tea
– Popcorn toppings, we can get the kernels, but not the toppings
– Granola bars
– Sriracha
– Spices and/or spice packets
– Cheese, dried parmesan cheese like Kraft, or the cheese powder for mac and cheese
– Small things to make our house a home, like small scented candles or pictures to hang up
– Children’s vitamins, perfect for the kiddos in our neighborhood who think we are giving them candy
– Card or board games (without the packaging, ziplock bags are great for shipping anything)
– Ziplock bags/Tupperware

When sending packages, make sure you write “INSURED” many times on the package. Whether or not you insure it, it will help it get to us without being opened. Also, we have to pay a customs import tax, which is a % of what the package is worth…so, please just write that it is papers and food and nothing expensive, as this will prevent us from having to pay a lot to receive it in country. Thanks!


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