Happy 4th!

We, the trainees in the Community Economic Development program, had a great 4th of July today! Earlier this week we asked our usual lunch mama to make us hamburgers and other sides for a traditional 4th of July lunch, and man, she did not let us down!
She showed up with pre-made hamburgers with secret sauce (secret because none of us actually know what it was, but it was good), pasta salad, French fries and cake. It was delicious! We sat out on the training center patio and ate our lunch. After many requests by our Cameroonian trainers, we all sang the national anthem.
It was good to take a minute and step back and be able to celebrate a holiday that we are all so used to celebrating. The food was delicious, and we all enjoyed each others company over a good meal. Since Shaun is in Nkongsamba today, I can’t help but feel slightly guilty, but I am positive we will do the lunch again after how delicious it was. I am sure too, he is having a good day exploring our new home, and hoping that he finds something American too.
While of course we wish we could spend it with family and friends back home, and have an IPA along with that burger (ha!), it was a great first memory of our first 4th of July in Cameroon!
Happy 4th of July everyone…Bonne fete nationale, tout la monde!

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  1. Kathi Gehrts said:

    That was awesome Mollie! Hope you’re enjoying yourselves as it sure sounds like you are!!

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