We found out our post today! We will be living in the city of Nkongsamba (kon-sam-ba). It is located in the north of the Littoral region, which borders the West and Northwest regions. It is a larger city, with more organizations to work with for our secondary projects. According to Wiki, it is known for it’s large city center that produces palms, bananas, and most importantly, coffee. From the few internet searches that we have done, it seems as though the region is cooler, one website said that the average highs for the year are 23C or about 74F.

Shaun will spend all of next week at our new site, and Mollie will go the following week and spend the second week of July there. We are sure that we will have much more to share after we spend some time at our new home!

  1. Good luck in your new home! Hope you get real coffee there!

  2. Mollie and Shawn, I really appreciate this blog. What a wonderful way to keep up on your travels. I tried to look up more about your new home – Nkongsamba – but there is very little on the internet, so I will be anxious to hear more about it when you arrive. Where will we fly into when we come to visit you?

  3. mediafreakgodicon said:

    We love getting comments on our blog!
    Jeff – good to hear from you! 🙂 When you come visit, which we are happy to hear you are thinking about, you can fly into Douala – it is the financial capital of Cameroon and tends to have cheaper flights than Yaounde, the capital. It is about 2 hours from our new home. We will definitely write more about our new home once we have both seen it, but from what I have heard from Shaun, it sounds good!

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