Coffee and D-Day.

For being in a coffee producing country of Africa, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to find coffee beans. Nescafé, however, is sold everywhere. When I was in the center of town on Tuesday a friend and I found coffee beans after asking a few different people where we could buy them…I guess it is helpful to learn French after all! This morning was our first real cup of coffee, and I can’t begin to tell you how much better it is than Nescafé. It is also much better than the hot water, sugar, and sweetened condensed milk concoction that our family likes to drink over breakfast!

So, for those of you reading this over a cup of coffee yourself, we are thinking of you and sharing in the joys of a simple cup of joe!

As for D-Day, we found out the day we will know our post! Our post is the city, or village, or hut, that we will live in for our two years of service. D-Day is Wednesday, less than a week away, and then we will finally know where in Cameroon we will be living and working. We are excited!

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  1. Linda Eden said:

    So glad to get your posts when internet allows. The outfits posted yesterday were so cool looking. You look so native now. 🙂 Hope I can get the phone/computer skype thing figured out so we can talk to the phone again soon. Love you guys, take care and stay safe.

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