Change of Plans.

If you know Shaun and I well, you know that “Change of Plans” is a phrase we use all too often. It usually results in us moving across the world, this time, that’s not the case.
My (Mollie) Peace Corps assignment was to teach computer literacy in Cameroon. I was hopeful that this would include teaching Internet basics to incorporate businesses and students here to the world and to higher access of information. However, when we arrived here and began training, I quickly learned I was way under qualified for this! The technical trainings were based around algorithms and back end programming.
The other half of our training group, our stage, are community economic development volunteers, who are training for small business consulting and small village and loan associations. Shaun and I both thought that I am much more suited to do this kind of work. After a lot of discussion amongst ourselves, we thought it couldn’t hurt to ask our director of programming if I could switch programs. Knowing just how bureaucratic the Peace Corps is, we thought our chances were slim to none. However, thanks to our director really supporting our idea to work in a field that is more suited to us, we got the go ahead yesterday!
The switch doesn’t change much for the day to day or really our lives in Cameroon as volunteers, it just means that I won’t be in the classroom (except when I get to guest teach with Shaun!) and I will be out in our future home community working with small businesses. This is much more my passion and educational background so I am super excited. I am especially thankful to the staff here that took the time to hear Shaun and I out and make things better for us.

As we end the second week of training, we are tired. It’s been a long week of technical trainings, language classes, and still adjusting to our host family. It’s been a good 2 weeks, but, a day off again on Sunday will be nice.
And, before you know it, Shaun will be the one writing a blog post too!


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