Sunday was a good day. It was our first full day off since arriving in Yaounde. It was busy, but it was the good, productive, kind of busy.

We woke up, and did the traditional Cameroonian chores for a Sunday morning. We did laundry, cleaned our room, and tried to get water but the bore hole was closed. After hanging out on the porch and studying French with another volunteer who is our neighbor, our family came home from church. We had a big, and delicious, lunch of spicy beans and cassava.

It was so stinking hot we went to hang out at the Peace Corps house for awhile, which is only a 2 minute walk from our house. Large cement buildings have a way of staying cool! That afternoon, a group of volunteers got together to play soccer on the local pitch with our host families. It was quite fun, but I had more fun talking on the phone with my parents!

That night was one of the best nights we have had since we have been here. When we got home from soccer, we found out that we were having a party of sorts that night. Our little brother and sister here passed their national exam, which means they are allowed to move up a grade. It’s a big deal here, as many students don’t pass. In order to celebrate, our mama made grilled fish, 4 different kinds of piedmon (spicy sauce), and cassava. The boys pulled the dinner table outside and we ate outside for the occasion.

As Shaun and I were getting instructions from mama on how to prep and grill the fish, the neighbors kids were singing in the background as the stars shone above. It was one of those surreal moments that we are actually in Africa, living here and loving the locals. Moments like that make the frustrations and difficulties disappear. It was so relaxing to sit outside for dinner, laugh with our family, and have the songs of the neighbors and the stars above be a perfect backdrop for the occasion.

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  1. Andrey G. said:

    This all sounds great! I’m glad you guys are settled in and getting more and more comfortable. You guys go to church out there??

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