This will be brief because there is a line of trainees behind me waiting to get on to one of the two computers we have in the training center, but we wanted to give a quick update on Bafia!

Bafia is the name of the town that we are staying in for our homestay and training, and will be here for the next 10 weeks.  So far, it is hot, humid, lots of bugs and bug bites, but it is good.  We just finished our first week of training and language classes, and we are anxious to have a day off tomorrow, Sunday.

Our homestay family is great!  Our mama and papa are probably around 45, the mom is a teacher trainer and works with the government to educate teachers in psychology and the dad is a regional director at the government here.  They have 7 kids in total, 2 are  in Yaounde for university, and 5 are at home.  Of the ones at home, there are 3 boys and 2 girls, the youngest girl is 9 and adorable!  Her name is Ericka and is always asking what we are doing, reading to me in French, and asking us about our day.  The parents speak English, which is good, because when they speak to us in French and we don’t understand, they will say it in English and then again a few more times in French, which is helping a lot.  They are super friendly, and we have fun bantering and trying to communicate in our limited French abilities.

Tomorrow, there are tentative plans of laundry, soccer on the local soccer field, getting water, and going shopping at the market.  All of which should be fun!

Anyways, I will try and upload some picture and write more later this weekend…overall, we are having a great time and are learning to enjoy a warm beer at the end of a good day, just like we did in China! 🙂


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