The Packing List.

So what exactly do you take when you are moving toCameroonfor 27 months?  Here is a list of what we are bringing…

Individual Items:

Keen Sandals
Keen boat shoes
Vibram 5 fingers
2 pair running shoes
Flip flops
2 belts
2 compression sleeves
3 shorts
5 tshirts
2 long sleeves
5 button ups
4 polos
2 khakis
2 slacks
1 jeans
2 rain jackets
1 sweatshirt

3 pairs of pants (1 jean, 1 North Face tech pants, 1 pair gray pants)
4 skirts, all of which go past my knees
1 pair of capris
8 cotton t-shirts
3 button up t-shirts
2 tank tops
1 pair of shorts (shorts and tank tops will only be for weekend wear around the house)
3 camis
1 bathing suit
3 pairs of running capris/shorts
3 running shirts
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of chacos
1 pair of running shoes
1 pair of daily wear sneakers
1 pair of dress shoes
1 rain coat (a must!)
1 hoody
Minimal makeup, hair ties, and a few fun necklaces

Shared Things/Gear
1 sleeping bag, each
1 sleeping pad, each
2 person hammock
Solar powered emergency radio
3 Headlamps
2 Quick-drying camp towels (bath towel size and wash cloth sized) each
Granola Bars
Spice Packets and Bulk Spices
Seeds, in hopes to plant our own garden
Baby wipes, shampoo, body wash, deodorant (all small containers)
Nalgene (each)
Benadryll Sting Relief
2 kitchen knives
Individual Coffee Makers
External hard drive
2 USB drives
Kindle, each
Pictures of clothing styles to be made in country
Pillow cases
Crystal Light/Gatorade Powder
Peanut Butter
2 Boxes of Ziplock Bags
Flash Cards (previously made for other times we have taught English)
Solar Powered Nalgene Cap which is a light (it’s awesome!)
Yoga Mat
3 Small Dry Sacks
2 Coffee Tumblers
2 Sets of Chopsticks
Extra Set of Headphones
Swiss army knife
Garmin watch
Extra batteries
Pad lock and combination lock
Card games
Duct Tape
Instructions for How to Make a Clay Oven and Raised Garden Bed


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